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Hi friends! I'm Araz Asherian the founder and owner of Painted Sugar Bakery.

Growing up I've always had a healthy love for creating; baking in particular. I loved baking for my friends and family and watching them smile when I brought out a cake, or when they took their first bite out of a cookie When I was 13 years old decided to do something with my skill, and officially open up Painted Sugar Bakery in 2018. Over the years that Painted Sugar has been operable, I have learned new techniques and skills, both business and decorating. This business has taken me on an incredible journey, and I'm glad you're here to share it with me! 

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Our Mission

We strive to bring a smile to anyone on any occasion through our amazing sweets! Everything is baked fresh and decorated with delight and care. We cater for any occasion providing you with tasty treats and memories to last a lifetime.

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